Trail Ready Learner Conference
THE Trail Life Event
Spring 2020
in Minneapolis,MN
March 13-14

What Is TRLC?

TRLC is Trail Ready Learner Conference, a chance for Parents, Leaders, Trailmen and those interested in Trail Life to come together to be inspired, learn actionable skills, and connect with others who are working together to develop godly leaders for our families, our churches, and our communities.




Hours of learning



What to Expect


Actionable Content

TRLCs are held around the country for one reason: The Content.

Trail Ready Learners Conference is an evening and full day of actionable, strategic content from experienced trail leaders (and a few national faces) who are in (or have been) in your shoes and have found ways to make their troop thrive.

There is no 'book learning' or 'theoretical strategies' in these sessions. Everything you hear at TRLCMN2020 are tested proven ways to grow your troop and enhance ministry in your troop.

You'll walk out of the Twin Cities with a notebook full of actionable strategies that you can apply the minute you get back to your troop.



It's one thing to want to get your troop to thrive, it's another to follow-through and actually do it.

That's why we have put together a series of sessions led by people who have already done it. You will hear from local troop leaders, area team members, and TLUSA National staff members.

You will leave TRLCMN2020 inspired to take your troop to the next level, but more importantly, you will leave TRLCMN2020 with a plan to increase the effectiveness of your troop ministry.



With adults (and youth) from 6+ states, you will be able to meet others who are in your position, who have faced the same challenges that you have, and have found ways to grow through those challenges.

You'll be among fellow Trail Guides, Rangers, Trailmaster, Advisors, Committee Chairs, Chaplains, 1st and 2nd Officers, and many others - coming from large troops and small troops, those from large cities and small towns. Plus we'll help you connect with those other leaders through planned networking events.

You will leave TRLCMN2020 having met, networked, and formed friendships with people just like you.

Charter/Host: Bethlehem Baptist Church - North Campus

Mounds View, MN

Conveniently located off THE main north/south highway in Minnesota, Bethlehem Baptist Church, North Campus, is easy to reach when driving and only minutes away from the Twin Cities International Airport (MSP). There are 2 inexpensive hotels within walking distance (even for Minnesota in March) along with a number of food options within walking distance also. The campus offers large break-out rooms and plenty of place to connect with others from your team and from across the region.

TRLCLocation Map