Do you use Trail Life Connect to look-up troop member phone numbers, email and house addresses, and not much more? Are you confused with this new tool or just want to learn more about this system?

This session will allow you to dig into this great troop management tool and allow you to more effectively communicate with your troop members, find resources for almost any troop information need (i.e. every Trail Life form), and help you track the advancement of your trailmen.

If you want to have the most impact on raising up strong families in your church having both Trail Life and American Heritage Girls troops that meet at the same time/place is the ideal solution.

In this session you will learn how you can start and run a American Heritage Girls troop at your church.

All Trail Life troops are a ministry of their charter church. But does your troop just 'use space' in the church or are they REALLY an active ministry of the church. Do others in the church even know your troop exists or that it is a ministry of the church?

This session will give you ways to get started on the right foot as a church ministry if you are a new troop - but will also give you ideas of how to grow your troop more directly into the ministry life of your church.

Are you doing everything in your area? Are your area activities limited because you only have so many hours in the day?

This session is specifically for Point Men and other area team members to work together to grow your area team so that you can add and serve more troops in your area (and have more time for your family).

Dave Bornn and Tim Lafoon lead the North Plains Region and regularly work with area teams to help them grow and thrive.

Are you confident in all of the varous aspects of leading your Navigators and Adventurers through the process toward the Freedom Award? Do you know the things that could prevent your trailmen from earning the Freedom Award - that you can help prevent?

This session will take you through the process of preparing for and leading the Navigators and Adventurers in your troop to earning the Freedom Award. You'll get practical tips and tools that you can use to ensure that you'll be ready to lead your trailmen through this difficult but rewarding process.