You've now heard about Trail Life. The basics sound good, but exactly WHY should your church add Trail Life to its ministry and why should YOU get involved in this young ministry?

This session will help you see the WHY of starting up a new troop via stories from those that have gone before you. It will also be a time for you to find out why YOUR church should start up a new troop for your boys and your neighborhood.

If you want to have the most impact on raising up strong families in your church having both Trail Life and American Heritage Girls troops that meet at the same time/place is the ideal solution.

In this session you will learn how you can start and run a American Heritage Girls troop at your church.

All Trail Life troops are a ministry of their charter church. But does your troop just 'use space' in the church or are they REALLY an active ministry of the church. Do others in the church even know your troop exists or that it is a ministry of the church?

This session will give you ways to get started on the right foot as a church ministry if you are a new troop - but will also give you ideas of how to grow your troop more directly into the ministry life of your church.

Do you struggle to find the funds to pay for woodlands craft supplies? Do your parents complain about the 'nickle and dime' payments for things throughout the year? Are your Adventurers sitting around all summer because you don't have money to fund a troop high adventure activity? Do you know how to engage your troop members in troop fundraisers?

This session will help you come up with a plan that is right for your troop (and your charter church) to be able to have a full program that keep the boys (and dads) interested, helps them grow and learn, and doesn't stress out all your troop families.

Just having both Trail Life and American Heritage Girls troops will enhance both of the troops, the families, and your church ministry; however, when you are able to work together with the two troops you have the potential to greatly strengthen each of those groups.

This session is NOT a plan to have boys and girls working together at troop meetings or camp outs (that's not the goal of TL or AHG), but there are some things you can do together with the troops and there are LOTS of ways that your troop leaders can work together to share administrative tasks and resources.

This session will give you practical tips to put it all together and not have the two troops 'competing'.