Does your Ranger stand at the front of the room and lecture the Woodlands? Do your navigators and adventurers sit in rows of chairs disrupting the 'program' you have planned? Do families leave your troop because the boys don't think the troop is 'fun'? You may have missed a key factor of an effective troop meeting - it needs to be 'hands on'.

This session will go beyond the discussion in Peak 1 or Peak 2 training to give you practical ideas on how you can make your troop meetings 'hands-on' and a night that the boys look forward to attending - and even bringing their friends.

Jim Forrest is Regional Training Chair for the North Plains region, Direct Service Advisor for the Minnesota area and has over 50 years of leadership experience in youth outdoor (and indoor) adventure.

Do your Mountain Lions beg and plead to be part of the Navigator activities? Do your Mountain Lion parents easily transition from the woodlands program to the more 'adventresome' Naviagor program. Do your Navigator dads jump in and start leading Navigator trail badges?

If not, then this session should help you increase the excitement of those Mountain Lions so they are eager to move on, and get your parents ready for the more independent nature of the Navigators.

Chris Paschen is presently the Point Man for Trail Life MN. Before that he served as Troopmaster and Scoutmaster as well as Transition Coordinator for an active BSA pack and troop.

You've got that blank calendar staring you in the face - and you're going to have a bunch of woodlands expecting a great program for the next month. How do you and your troop plan a great series of troop meetings that get your woodlands (and dads) excited to be there AND help them work on advancement at the same time.

This session will give you practical tips and tools as you put together your woodlands plans on a week-by-week schedule.

Are your Woodlands trailmen working hard on their advancement but you can't keep up with them? Or are you keeping up but spending hours and hours getting things properly recorded at troop meetings, transfering that to Trail Life Connect, ordering their awards and then trying to figure out who gets what award?

This session will help you tame that pile of work and ensure that the boys get the awards they have earned in a timely way.

Eric Paulu is a TTT trained Trail Life leader who has worked with both Woodlands and Navigators and Adventurer advancement and developed tools that you can use to easily track all your Woodlands adancement - even if you have a large group of woodlands.

Are your Woodlands boys learning something during your game time? Are they excited to play each week? Are your Mountain Lions excited for game time with Woodlands are are the just counting the days until they get to be with the Navigators?

This session will help you plan games that keep the boys (and dads) engaged while learning and reinforcing skills that they learn in the troop meeting lessons. You'll get practical ideas on how to turn learning into a game and also get some specific game ideas to take home to your troop.